Basketball Dear Boston Fans


Bench Warmer
Not sure what to expect on this hot Sunday night
At the new "Boston Garden", 16 banners in sight
Shades of Kareem and that famous sky hook
Glimpses of Russell and the big shots Bird took

Two teams with a history deeper than words
Two cities with stories that everyones heard
From Magic's game winner to Havlicek's steal
And the hotel cook in Sac-town poisoning Kobe's meal

These tales will remind you and make you look back
From DJ and Parish to Horry and Shaq
Nobody believed in the power of 0.4
But all things were possible with Fish on the floor

Now it's 08 and these worlds have collided
While in KG's ears Bill Russell confided
"Bring us the title" and "I know you'll win one"
Too bad Russell forgot....Kobe's not done

It might be a dunk or perhaps 81
Could be a game winner or 12 assists full of fun
But you know it's coming, you just don't know when
Be assured when it happens Phil will add number ten

You can't stop the Mamba, best not to try
He'll jump over a car and hit a J in your eye
Do you think he fears Allen, Kg or Pierce
Or maybe it's Posey who enters all fierce

Fact is he wants them, to beat the best
They'll end up on life support after failing his test
Rest assured when the Celtics suffer deflation
It will be because Kobe sent them on vacation

You might hold him down for one game or two
You might alter his jumper and make him stew
But when he breaks down your D once and for all
His name from the podium you'll hear David Stern call

Victory is sweet when hard work plays a part
Victory is sweeter when you stomp on Boston's heart
Both things are in play, he'll win number four
Don't say you weren't warned, we've all seen it before

Best of Luck