Dan is definetly Da Man


Bench Warmer
Normaly i am happy to get another Paul Williams auto for the PC.The one i got today became pretty irrelevent after i opened the package from Dan.He sent me a huge lot of Darius Watts freebies.I thank you a ton man.I will come up with something to get ya back bud.

First the irrelevent Paul Williams PC

Now the good stuff

04 HP Rc.3 color patch/350
04 Classics Rc.Auto /25

04 Honors Hidden Gems Auto /50
04 R&S Auto/Jsy /50

04 SPx Auto/Jsy Rc. /1499

04 Pristine Rookie Revolution Jsy
04 Topps Chrome Rc.Black Refractor /100

04 SPx Rc.Swatch Supremecy Jsy
04 Absolute RPM Jsy/Ball /750