Cracked 2 boxes of Classics at lunch


Bench Warmer
Left the cards in the car but here's the attempted remembering of results:

David Clowney
Steve Smith
Gaines Adams
Jacoby Jones
Ray McDonald auto
Scott Chandler auto
Signifigant Signatures Platinum Redemption Alan Branch

Steven Jackson Monday Night Heroes Jersey /240
Tatum Bell Sunday's Best Patch 25/25 (1 color white :doh: )
Joe Thiessman/John Riggins Classic Combos Dual Jersey /250

Lots of garbage inserts, etc. Not the best of breaks. I'll do scans tonight or tomorrow sometime but not much to see. :(
If any of your crappy inserts were former Alabama players, I'd give them a good home in exchange for some Saints stuff. I know Starr, Namath, John Hannah, and Ken Stabler are in the set this year.