Couple Box Break 06-07 Finest. Did Well...durant Rc Parallel!!!


Bench Warmer
I usually won't do basketball but with the price at 60.00 for a full box (3 mini boxes per full box) i figured what the heck and got a couple boxes. All are for trade. I'm mainly looking baseball and football autos but may consider the higher end players in basketball.

kyle lowry 1/1 black printing plate auto :)
j.j. redich
marcus williams
thabo sefolosha
josh boone
marcus vinicius
mardy collins
hassan adams x2
shawne williams
renaldo balkman
randy foye
jorge garbajosa

2007 nba draft pick redemption
#2-kevin durrant refractor parallel :D
#8 black parallel
#11 black parallel
#12 green parallel
#14 refractor
#20 x 2
#29 base and green parallel


black refractor
joe johnson 63/99
david noel 91/99

gold refractor
pj tucker 15/50
james white 18/50

green refractor
dirk nowitzki 114/199
dominique wilkins 124/199
brandon roy 135/199 :)

blue refractor
amare stoudemire 41/299
michael redd 236/299
josh boone 57/299
james augustine 48/299
hassan adams 34/299

carmelo anthony
dwight howard
gilbert arenas
gerald wallace
dirk nowitzki
yao ming
kevin garnett
tony parker
richard hamilton
kobe bryant
mike bibby
elton brand
zach randolph
isiah thomas
dominique wilkins
willis reed
karl malone
xavier mcdaniel
tiny archibald
steve novak
shannon brown
sergieo rodriguez
ryan hollins
kyle lowry
josh boone
patrick o'bryant
marcus vinicius
james white
dee brown
tyrus thomas
hassan adams
chris quinn
randy foye
maruice ager
jogre garbajosa
alexander johnson