Contest is Over! Winner is gwynn_fan! Pick a Number 1-30 Contest!


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Live link to the randomization video:

Hi everybody,

Got a really nice surprise today and another very generous anonymous donor has offered a card to be used for a Pick a Number style contest!

So let’s do a Pick a Number 1-30 Contest! ONE GUESS PER MEMBER FOR THIS CONTEST. Once all of the numbers are chosen I will roll the dice and randomize to see who wins. Winner will receive this really nice encased Topps Archives Signature Series Mike Hargrove autograph card serial numbered 1/4!!! Good luck to all!


1. bdink25
2. kclj520
3. Jebohm88
4. Molitor04x
5. zlw1
6. thedaws
7. dcb11
8. BarJack34
9. darkman
10. dad3309@
11. RySu42
12. rtsjr
13. bfd13
14. rubypup
15. Calsp3
16. Mechjo16
17. LarryG
18. HabsFan6
19. kpit1978
20. dragonslayer913
21. dlackey
22. northicehero99
23. DaSoxFan
24. smitha1
25. peaceandlove
26. cornwellfamily
27. NEPatriotsFan
28. mcgwirenut
29. gwynn_fan
30. horfin
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I'll take #5

He used to be the manager for Baltimore, so this would be cool to have!

Thank you anonymous donor, and Mike for hosting the contest