Completed another Mini master!!!!


Collector Planet Original
Transactions: 2
Chrome Base
Refractor /500
Xfractor /250
Blue /150
Gold /50
Orange /25
Red /5
Superfractor /1

Only need the Red and 3 printing plates :doh: for the Bowman Minimaster which would look cool next to this one.

Great job.....I hope to have all of Tommy Z's cards next year.....I am already saving up for 'em......Too bad I will have to fight alot of the ND collectors for 'em.
This set was only possible because of BINs and getting sellers to end auctions early. There are 2 Chiefs collectors that are insane in the brain!!!
That looks awesome.....I need the Gold and the Red Lendale for mine.....kind of giving up on the Super since I don't have that kind of money:(
what?!? Yours is sexy as hell homie!!!

Chris, 1/1s are tough. But you got to be in it to win it. NEVER dont bid on a PC item because you think it is tough......

BP printing plate.,...........$11
Schweigert Reflections Blue /10.......$10
BP Superfractor........$50 BIN

Not easy but do not ever not try :salut: