"Complete" Flash break 3 teams - $17 Pick One Get two. Random style - Volume 19 - 2024 Big League Hobby x 2


MemberRandom 1Random 2
1. 2 Bobbyd9179 - Reds1. Colorado Rockies1. Seattle Mariners
2. 9 Butch’s Buddy - Pitares2. Kansas City Royals2. Milwaukee Brewers
3. 1 Bobbyd9179 - White Sox3. Arizona Diamondbacks3. Chicago Cubs
4. 6 Bdink25 - Angels4. Washington Nationals4. Philadelphia Phillies
5. 5 kpit1978 - Yankees5. New York Mets5. Oakland Athletics
6. 10 Calsp3 - Braves6. Houston Astros6. Minnesota Twins
7. 8 OldNewRips - Rangers7. Miami Marlins7. San Francisco Giants
8. 7 Waltdii - Orioles8. Cleveland Guardians8. St. Louis Cardinals
9. 4 LarryG - Red Sox9. Detroit Tigers9. Tampa Bay Rays
10. 3 rtsjr - Dodgers10. Toronto Blue Jays10. San Diego Padres
Well Squad, we did what we do best, deliver bangers. I have to say this product is well worth the price. Great inserts, fun design, and a well balanced check list.

Autos aren’t guaranteed and we hit two good ones. A Blue and a red foil. They both set to be card of the break but there can only be one.

@kpit1978 had a strong contender but seeing the Kohlwey is #/5, @rtsjr the reign is yours! Congrats to both of you!

Card of the Break

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