**Complete** - Auction Group Break - 2022 Topps Chrome Sonic 16 Box Case

I’ll do both for $35 if no one else steps up or do we bid. How does this work?

If Butch doesn’t want padres you can have both. He inquired earlier so I want to be fair.

The brewers are yours $10.

No bidding just final price that was at closing
ok Bdink25 picks up the Padres & Horfin picks up the Brewers. Thanks guys!

I will get a link posted shortly
Just dawned on me that this was EST. So, not a single auto in the who box!
Still time to jump on the Chronicles break, with at least 10+ Autos and at least 3 Relics.
Every break of 2023 Chronicles has at least star or HOF auto.
See you at 1700 PDT, for Mike's Leaf Perfect Game Break!