Baseball Complete! 2020 Pro Debut TWO Hobby Boxes Random Teams Break- 8 HITS Card# Style Group Box Break + Blaster.


5.00 star(s)
Not a bad break. Hit 5 Autos and 3 Relic and 3 were numbered. We also hit an Orange #/25 & Gold #/25. 2 Wanders and 1 Jrod, all that went to Jon in place 1!
Brandon Williamson 123 Blue 9/150 Mariners
Keoni Cavaco 14 Green 30/99 Twins
Kameron Misner 170 Marlins
Joshua Mears 139 Padres
Greg Jones 83 Rays
Debut Distinguished Debut Medallions Gold #DDJJB JJ Bleday
Fragments of the Farm Relics #FFRM Ronny Mauricio
Fragments of the Farm Relics #FFMFN Carlos Cortes

2020 Topps Pro Debut TWO Hobby Boxes 8 HIT Guarantee!

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For checklist

Highlighting the rising stars of Minor League Baseball, 2020 Topps Pro Debut Baseball rolls out some new options for collectors.

Standard Hobby box contains two autographs and two additional Hits.
There is also going to be a mystery Topps brand Blaster included.
There 424 cards available in the break!
Here is how the break would work. There will be 10 spots and the price is $30 per spot. I will put all 10 spots in the randomizer (using I will pull a random card from a shuffled deck to see how many times we will click the randomizer and that will determine the order of names and the card# you will get in the break.
For example if your name is in the 4 spot, you would get all the cards where the card number ends in 4. If your name is in the 8 spot, you would get all the cards where the card number ends in 8.

I feel this is fairer than also doing the serial numbers, as If I was in position #10 and card 50 Bobby Witt Jr is a1/1, I feel it should go to the 10 spot. If the majority of the people joining want it with the serial number, we can go that way.

The break will go by the actual card #. So if the card # is 46, then it goes to the 6th spot. If the card #s ends in an alphabet letter, then whatever # that letter is in the alphabet, it would go that spot. For example for Card # FFT-JW the card ends in a W, the W is the 23rd letter in the alphabet so it would go to the 3rd spot.

After the break is full, I will add a transaction with my PayPal address and when all positions have paid, I will set a break time on my YouTube channel. At break time, I will start on to select positions and then will commence on the break.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.
Thanks Bob
1/1 Bounty to first to pull one...
2022 USA Baseball Stars and Stripes Jumbo Materials #60 Druw Jones 17/50
Prizes for additional 1/1s

Lowest Serial Number card = $5 in a future break.
When break is full, it will also launch Contest Break 8 for free card.

1. LarryG Paid
2. LarryG Paid
3. Rubypup Paid
4. Molitor04x Paid
5. Grapler135s Paid
6. butch's buddy Paid
7.bdink25 Paid
8. Waltdii Paid
9. LarryG Paid
10. LarryG Paid
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