Close please

Just cleaning up a little bit as once again I changed the dircetion of my collection! I have these low numbered cards sitting on the desk that need a new home.

I should be able to find something I need from you, and am pretty easy to work with.

I would also love for these to all go to one person if possible.


2012 TriStar SignaCuts Cut Dual Auto Ron Kittle and La Marr Hoyt 06/10
2013 Leaf Longball Auto #LBA-AR1 Alffredi Ramos Auto 1/1
2017 Donruss Signature Series #SS2-DL Dinelson Lamet Auto RED PARALLEL 01/25
2018 Topps Inception #31 5x7 card Brandon Phillips GOLD PARALLEL 01/10
2021 Leaf Metal Perfect Game #BA-JC1 Jackson Cox Auto BLUE PARALLEL 17/30
2022 Elite Extra Edition #181 Jalvin Arias BLUE PARALLEL 07/20
2022 Elite Extra Edition #31 Sterlin Thompsoon BLUE PARALLEL 07/20

Let me know if interested!
Do you have any phillies numbered cards?