Clippers auto, gu'ed lot FS 25.00 paypal dlvd


Mr-Nutt the Veteran
looking for paypal 25.00 delivered
i would sell this whole lot for 25.00 paypal,or would trade this for a adrian peterson topps chrome or topps finest rookie refractor.
00-01 upperdeck pros and prospects corey maggette gu
03-04 fleer showcase elton brand gu basketballs best
01-02 fleer maximum elton brand maximum power gu
03-04 topps rookie matrix gu elton brand
01-02 fleer maximum big shots elton brand gu has blue thread in it..
04-05 topps prestine elton brand personal endorsmements auto
99-00 fleer autographics corey maggette
03-04 SP signature edition corey maggette auto
05-06 topps finest elton brand gu 0032/1629

plus throwing in 2 corey maggette refractors and acouple elton brand rookie