Carew/ Gwynn Dual Sweet Spot Auto!


Bench Warmer
Here it is.... Priority goes to Marinos and nice Nolan Ryan Autos, but always fielding all trade and buy offers and checking buckets as well! Let me know if you likey!

Hi Tim!
I like this if I have something extra to toss in to get it from you:
97 scoreboard playbook emmitt smith mirror images auto 155/410

or whats BV of this?
00 ud legends nolan ryan auto

And lastly, is this for trade? If so, could I get a pic and what would it take to get this?
dan marino sandblast signature series 048/250 silver w/24kt gold
i would rather keep the emmitt auto for the moment. the ryan auto is $150 and the marino silver card w/gold is around $400-450 last time i looked. the ryan and marino are ft.
fuser said:
sorry no pics available at the moment. i liked the stargell but don't think i am even close to it.
I'm sorry. I'd really like to trade for the Nolan if i had enough in trade to get it from you, but I can't trade for an auto card without seeing it.