Card show in Jackson, MI 3/30/13


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Well we did one last year and we had a great turnout, so 5toosweet, Batman1641, and myself will be having another show at the end of the month. If anyone in the area is interested please let me know and I can give out more details.
Good luck again, Ken. Be sure to take pictures. I've never been to a card show, but man I'd really like to one day. The problem is, I live so far away from big cities that I'd have to drive 180 miles, or more, just to find one.
Sounds cool, and I'm with Mike, it'd be fun to see how it went down (even if theres awkward pics :wtf: )

Hope you're turnout is even better this year :)
Gonna miss this one again. :( Will it be at the church again? I still have the last flyer Abel sent me from the last show! I will be taking a trip up north with the family that weekend, bummer to miss it. Hope it turns out good again for you guys!
We are going to be at the American Legion hall this time, hopefully you will be able to make the next one we do
We will be at the American Legion hall on Lansing Ave. (I will get the street address for you as soon as I find) from 10-3 on Saturday March 30th