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I just thought that I would go ahead and get this thread started so that we can keep up with all of the COTM winners.

@Mike Tony Romo Patch/ Auto /10 (Sept-March)

@WestCoastSkinsFan Larry Bird Auto (April)

@kenny kerr Robert Griffin III Patch/ Auto /199 (May)

@franklinguy52 Russell Wilson Patch/ Auto /25 (June) (Replacing the /299 with /25)

@Luke Anderson Julio Jones Patch/ Auto (July)

@pwolantern Stan Musial Auto 6/6 (August Winner)

@pwolantern Plates & Patches Eli Manning Patch/ Auto 1/1 (Sept)

@MWS National Treasures Peyton Manning Auto /25 (Oct)

@Batman1641 2013 Topps Triple Threads Matt Cain Jumbo Patch/ Auto Printing Plate White Whale 1/1 (Nov)
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