Card of the Year 2014


Mr. Baseball
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This will once again be the thread of all of the Card of the Month winners that get an automatic nomination for the Card of the Year contest.

@MWS National Treasures Mourning/ Robinson/ Olajuwan Triple Auto (Dec winner)

@Jmattt33 2013 Topps Rickie Henderson/ Reggie Jackson Dual GU #/50 (January)

@captkirk42 Prime Signatures Barry Sanders Auto 5/5 (February)

@Amandashubby2010 Exquisite Michael Jordan Auto (February)

@Amandashubby2010 LeBron James Auto (March)

@@Cool_Hand_Flash Andrew Luck Topps Prime Quad jersey/Auto /150 (April)

@Amandashubby2010 Triple Thread Six Piece GU/Auto Booklet /27 (May)

@@packman80 Bo Jackson Score Auto 15/22 (June)

@@bajmurray, @@Mike, @@Batman1641, @@SchickFaced Montana/Marino/Elway / Smith/Sanders/Dickerson Auto (July)

@Amandashubby2010 6-auto booklet
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