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Old School Vintage
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Monday 11 March 2013 I got two sportlots packages.

1962 Topps Baseball 501 Claude Osteen Senators for .25¢ + $1.75 shipping.

Then I got a 50 card lot of
1982 Donruss Baseball for $1.25 + $6.00 shipping
I'll list mostly numbers plus a few key players/cards. Again there are some cards I already had as with many an early 1980s set (I need to finish updating my zistle on this stuff)
34 George Brett Royals
113 Rickey Henderson A's (so OC it is almost a miscut)
148 Tom Seaver Mets Reds
181 (2), 191, 192, 193, 194, 198, 199, 201, 203,208, 209, 211, 212, 213, 215, 219, 220, 225, 245, 252, 268, 284, 286, 287, 288, 289,
294 Mike Schmidt Phillies
296, 305, 307, 309, 310,
407 Kirk Gibson Tigers
409, 419,553,
575 "Bronx Bombers" Dave Winfield and Reggie Jackson Yakees
594, 598, 599, 629, 630, 632,
634 Ken Griffey Reds (that would be Sr.)
636, 637


Old School Vintage
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Thursday 14 March 2013 Got two packages of sportlots:
1963 Topps Baseball 6 1962 AL ERA Leaders: Hank Aguirre Tigers, Robin Roberts Orioles, Whitey Ford Yankees, Dean Chance Angels, Eddie Fisher White Sox for .25¢ + $2.25 shipping


Lot of 25 assorted 1960s cards $3.75 + $3.50 shipping
1960 Topps Baseball
143 1960 Rookie Star Al Spangler Braves (very warped/water damaged)
442 Joe Pignatano Dodgers
1961 Topps Baseball
189 3rd Series Checklist cards 177-264 MARKED COMPLETELY
273 4th Series Checklist cards 265-352 MARKED COMPLETELY
1962 Topps Baseball 192 3rd Series Checklist cards 177-264 MARKED COMPLETELY
1963 Topps Baseball
15 Ken Hubbs Cubs
24 Bob Bruce Colt 45s
277 Dick Farrell Colt 45s
362 5th Series Checklist cards 353-429 Marked
1965 Topps Baseball
23 Bob Tiefenauer Braves
106 Gene Oliver Braves
317 Don McMahon Indians
388 John Blanchard Yankees
391 Mel McGaha MGR Athletics
394 Jim Hannan Senators (dupe)
1966 Topps Baseball
101 2nd Series Checklist cards 89-176 Unmarked (115 Warren Spann variation)
230 Johnny Callison Phillies
375 Donn Clendenon Pirates
440 Deron Johnson Reds
457 Joe Gibbon Giants
363 5th Series Checklist cards 353-429 Unmarked back has faded pattern card number unreadable
1967 Topps Baseball
186 Mets Maulers Ed Kranepool, Ron Swoboda
367 1967 Angels Rookie Stars Bill Kelso and Don Wallace
1968 Topps Baseball
255 Dean Chance Twins
321 Leo Durocher MGR Cubs


Old School Vintage
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How many full sets of pre-1970s do you have?
Full Sets? No where near having any complete. I think the closest to a full set of anything pre-1970s done is my 1968 Topps Baseball game inserts is 2/3 complete (11/33 to go).

I read someones blog yesterday that matched me exactly he said something about how he had started building sooooooo many sets but has yet to have any of them completed. Now I forget which blog it was and which set(s) he was concentrating on.


Old School Vintage
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Friday 15 March 2013 got a lone card from sportlots in a PWE in a stupid card saver.

For $3.00 + $3.00 shipping
1953 Topps Baseball 166 Bill Hunter Browns


Old School Vintage
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Today Saturday 16 March 2013
Got a lone sportlots PWE today. It was .75¢ +$1.15 shipping

1983 O-Pee-Chee Baseball 126 Carl Yastrzemski SV Red Sox


Old School Vintage
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Today Wednesday 20 March 2013, I got my goodies from a group box break held by a blogger. Samuel of The Daily Dimwit held a group box break of 2004 Diamond Kings and 2005 Cracker Jack. I bought the Washington/Montreal slot and my random team was Seattle (small base Ichiro Mojo) I didn't get any hits just base, but that is OK because these are two of the millions of sets I'm trying to build.

Here is what I got:
2004 Diamond Kings
75 Ichiro Mariners
118 Orlando Cabrera Expos (he was traded to Boston during the summer 0f 2004 so he was NEVER a NAT)
141 Bret Boone Mariners (Grandson of Ray Boone, Son of Bob Boone and Brother of Aaron Boone who was a NAT)

2005 Topps Cracker Jack
19 Bret Boone Mariners
28 Gil Meche Mariners
46 Joel Pineiro Mariners
52 Richie Sexson Mariners
86 Raul Ibanez Mariners
88 Bucky Jacobsen Mariners
125 Ichiro Mariners
132 Randy Winn Mariners
153 Brad Wilkerson Nationals
188 Jeremy Reed Mariners

153 Brad Wilkerson Nationals


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
Transactions: 6
Millions?? Millions of sets????

And I thought I was looney with my "every Ultimate card ever made"-bit :LOL:


Old School Vintage
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On Thursday 21 March 2013 I got some sportlots stuff and my big order from Check Out My Collectibles (was "Cards" still COMC) this was my 2nd or I think really my 3rd order from them since I've been a member there in 09? All the sportlots stuff was baseball the COMC was mostly baseball but some football

First the Sportlots stuff: (I like doing stuff by year but I'll do it by seller so I can get the prices w/shipping correct)

Dealer 1: Four Cards shipping was $3.00 each card was starting bid of .25¢
1960 Topps Baseball 43 Washington Senators TC w/checklist marked
1969 Topps Baseball 377 Gary Bell Pilots
1978 O Pee Chee Baseball207 Montreal Expos TC checklist unmarked
2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball 25 Carl Yastrzemski Red Sox

Dealer 2: One card .25¢ + .75¢ shipping
1966 Topps Baseball 156 D.P, Combo Dick Schofield and Hal Lanier Giants

Dealer 3: Seven cards plus 2 bonus cards $3.50 + $2.50 shipping
1972 Topps Baseball
223 - 1971 World Series Game No 1
224 - 1971 World Series Game No 2
225 - 1971 World Series Game No 3
226 - 1971 World Series Game No 4
227 - 1971 World Series Game No 5
228 - 1971 World Series Game No 6
229 - 1971 World Series Game No 7

1987 Topps Collectors Series Baseball Highlights 1 (of 33 card set) Steve Carlton Giants
1984 TCMA Arkansas Travelers Minor League Baseball 16 Curtis Ford

COMC Big order. 44 cards I used my store/site credit Since I Ordered more than 40 cards shipping was free my total was $75.85 most expensive card was the '72 Frank Robinson at $10.24 the second expensive was the triple sig card at $7.25 next biggest price was $5 or nearly five from a few of the vintage cards most of the rest were under a buck. A lot of these cards I am surprised I didn't have them before, a couple of the Baseball Game cards were upgrades for poorer conditioned cards. I'm surprised they had all the cards in penny sleeves and the two slightly larger cards were actually in toploaders.

Football (5 cards)
1968 Topps Football Stand-Ups 22 Norm Snead Eagles Intact
1967 Philadelphia Football 88 Roman Gabriel Rams
1978 Topps Football 409 Roman Gabriel Rams
2012 Topps Football: QB Immortals
QI-JN Joe Namath Jets (the dark green team years banner with black letter is impossible to read without a very very bright light directly on the dang thing I almost thought it was a printing error)
QI-KW Kurt Warner Rams (I saw the team banner on this card before the Namath card so I knew there was supposed to be writing there)

1953 Topps 67 Roy Sievers Browns
1955 Topps 16 Roy Sievers Nationals
1957 Topps 89 Roy Sievers Senators (one of the many cards I could have sworn I already had)
1959 Topps
74 Directing The Power: Lemon Lavagetto Sievers Senators
465 BASEBALL THRILLS: Sievers Sets Homer Mark Roy Sievers Senators
1962 Topps 88 Ralph Houk (Yogi Berra in background which usually increases this card's price got it for $4.25)
1965 Topps574 Roy Sievers Senators (someone wrote a "6" in blue ballpoint pen lightly on his shoulder but it's about 3/4 of an inch tall - another card I could have sworn I had)
1967 Topps 348 Tug McGraw Mets
1968 Topps Game (two of these were upgrades for poorer cards)
5 Harmon Killebrew Twins (upgrade)
9 Brooks Robinson Orioles
13 Gary Peters White Sox (upgrade)
1969 Topps 650 Ted Williams MGR Senators (could have sworn all day long I had this one even thought I had dupes) This one is way off center to top almost a miscut
1972 Topps 754 Frank Robinson Dodgers (Traded Stamp)
1973 O Pee Chee 30 Tug McGraw Mets
1973 Topps 30 Tug McGraw Mets (why didn't I have this?)
1979 Topps 345 Tug McGraw Phillies
1981 Donruss 61 Ray Knight Reds
1981 Fleer 198 Ray Knight Reds
1981 Topps325 Ray Knight Reds
1982 Fleer 71 Ray Knight Reds
1982 Topps 525 Ray Knight Reds
1983 Topps 441 Houston Astros 1982 Batting & Pitching Leaders Ray Knight and Joe Niekro
1984 Donruss 232 Ray Knight Astros
1984 Fleer 229 Ray Knight Astros
1984 Topps Nestles 660 Ray Knight Astros
1984 Topps 660 Ray Knight Astros
1985 Donruss 617 Ray Knight Mets
1985 Fleer 86 Ray Knight Mets
1985 Topps 590 Ray Knight Mets
1986 Donruss 597 Ray Knight Mets
1986 Fleer 86 Ray Knight Mets
1987 Fleer 14 Ray Knight Mets
1988 Score: Traded 17T Ray Knight Tigers
2008 Tristar Projections: GR8 Xpectations: Triple Signature Washington D.C.'s Future GR8s: Jake Smolinski GCL Nationals, Jordan Zimmermann Vermont Lake Monsters, Josh Smoker Vermont Lake Monsters (the Lake Monsters were Expos/Nats affiliates from their founding in 1977 to 2010, from 2012 - present they are assoc. w/ the A's) On STICKER sigs blue sharpie Smokers has the top part of a second sig possibly another of his from the edge of the stickers
2010 Topps: Opening Day 80 Nick Johnson Marlins
2010 Topps: Opening Day: Blue Border 80 Nick Johnson Marlins 0489/2010
2010 Topps: Walmart? Black Black Border 181 Nick Johnson Marlins
2010 Topps: Gold 181 Nick Johnson Marlins 1686/2010
2010 Topps Update: Gold US-91 Nick Johnson Yankees 0225/2010


Old School Vintage
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On Friday 22 March 2013 I got two sportlots envelopes (one small bubble padded the other PWE) and a bubble mailer from TCZs very own Member Troy (franklynguy52).

First the sportlots:

small package two cards both I got for .25¢ + shipping for the pair was $2.00
1961 Topps Baseball 187 Billy Klaus Senators
1975 Topps Baseball 10 Don Sutton Dodgers (very offcenter to top almost miscut on edge)

PWE (card was in a card saver with a piece of cardboard taped to saver) one card arrived safely. Price was .25¢ + $3.00 shipping.
1978 TCMA Rochester Red Wings International League (Minor League AAA) 0025 Frank Robinson MGR

Package from Troy 14 cards 4 of which I already had no biggy. Mostly Baseball cards except for one Football and one Hockey

1964 Topps Baseball
17 Willie Kirkland Orioles (in Indians Hat no airbrusing)
52 Chuck Hinton Senators (have)
92 Steve Ridzik Senators (have)
1971 Topps Baseball 63 AL Batting Leaders Frank Howard Senators, Tony Conigliario Red Sox, Boog Powell Orioles (not sure why I didn't have this one)
417 Dick Hall Orioles
501 Andy Etchebarren Orioles
1979 Topps Baseball 160 Mike Flanagan Orioles (have)
1980 Topps Baseball
10 Denny Martinez Orioles
615 Doug DeCinces Orioles (have)
2001 Topps Archives Reserve - 34 Chrome reprint of 1960 Topps 132 Rookie Star Frank Howard Dodgers
2011 Topps Lineage: 1975 Mini 10 Jim Palmer Orioles
2011 Topps Tribute 17 Brooks Robinson Orioles all shiny chrome
FOOTBALL: 1976 Topps Football 305 John Riggins Jets (have)
HOCKEY: 2003 Upper Deck Freshman Flashback FF30 Marian Hossa Ottawa Senators


Mr. Baseball
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I am glad to see that you did not have most of them. I will continue to keep you in mind as I pick up some different stuff.


TP9 | VC15
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Thanks for sharing, Kirk. Also, very cool, Troy! These are the kinds of things that make this hobby, and especially our community, great. :thumbup:


Old School Vintage
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Saturday 23 March 2013 I got two packages from sportlots sellers one was a small box slightly bigger than a deck of cards that originally had jewelery or some kind of ceramics or something (the side had a part/lot numbers and "Made in China") anyway here is what I got:

1962 Topps Baseball - 3 card lot for .75¢ +2.25 shipping
27 Chuck Cottier Senators (dupe)
42 Jim King Senators
207 Pete Burnside Senators

second package (the box) 3 lots each at .25¢ + $10.00 shipping (Wow I had forgotten the shipping was sooooooooooooo much, but the good thing was it was in a box the box had some paper stuffed at the end and all the cards were in toploaders with penny sleeves and the stack was nicely wrapped in paper (like a present)
1970 Topps Baseball
64 AL RBI Leaders: Harmon Killebrew Twins, Boog Powell Orioles, Reggie Jackson A's
65 NL Home Run Leaders: Willie McCovey Giants, Hank Aaron Braves, Lee May Reds
1972 Topps Baseball
103 Checklist 2nd Series cards 133-263 Unmarked
251 Checklist 3rd Series cards 264-394 Unmarked
478 Checklist 5th Series cards 526-656 Unmarked
[I already had all three of those, not sure if they were unmarked or not, UGH if they were all clean]
1975 Topps Baseball Mini
130 Phil Niekro Braves
306 Batting Leaders: Rod Carew Twins, Ralph Garr Braves
1978 Topps Baseball
60 Thurman Munson Yankees
580 Rod Carew AS Twins (dupe?)


I might be crazy.. Proof: I'm the co-owner.
Transactions: 6
That whole millions of cards, doesnt seem that way off after those posts! :p

Gotta love COMC bulk maildays :D