Cancelled**2022 Topps Baseball Holiday Mega (4) Box Break Pick 1/Get1 $17**


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Cancelled**2022 Topps Baseball Holiday Mega (4) Box Break Pick 1/Get1 $17**

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The Holidays are right around the corner, so let’s have some fun ripping some 2022 Topps Holiday and chase candy cane bats and Christmas lights! $17, shipping included, gets your first choice of team, plus 1 random team. Teams can be traded after randomization. Boxes are in the mail, so we can rip this soon after it fills! “The base set has 200 cards, offering an abbreviated mix of stars and rookies from 2022 Series 1, Series 2 and Update. While the layout may be familiar, cards are given additional holiday elements. Parallels come in three levels, each adding a sparkle element to the background accents: Metallic, Red Metallic and Gold Metallic. There’s a massive variations presence. These have become a cornerstone for Topps Holiday, going over-the-top with obviously Photoshopped Christmas and other winter elements. Collectors can be on the lookout for things like players carrying presents, winter wear and hiding Santas. As has been the case for the past couple of years, variations come in three levels: short prints, rare and super rare. All combined, there are 100 to chase. Relics return as well. The bulk of these are standard memorabilia cards. However, there are also Holiday Relics with pieces of holiday wear worn by players and Faux Holiday Relics featuring Santa, Mrs. Claus and a nameless elf from the workshop. Select cards also have autograph versions. A standalone Autographs set is also on the 2022 Topps Holiday Baseball checklist. Nearly 40 players have signatures in this part of the product. Rounding out the checklist are Oversized Die-Cut MLB Ornaments. Inserted as box toppers, these can be hung on trees similar to Pacific Ornaments inserts of Christmases past.

What to expect in a box:

  • Cards per pack: Hobby – 10
  • Packs per box: Hobby – 10
  • 100 cards per box (400 Total)
  • Autographs or Mem Cards – 1 per box (4 total)
  • Silver Metallic fall 1:2
  • SP 1:7, SSP, 1:20
1. Mariners - Molitor04x
2. Angels - Kpit1978
3. Royals - Bobby Dunsworth (facebook)
5. Cardinals - Jeff Hamlett (Facebook)

I will post transactions once the break has filled.

Please add $1 for goods and services payments

**The nitty gritty: Autographed and Serial #’d cards only will be toploaded in the break video. Colored parallels and inserts will be, at minimum, penny sleeved after the break concludes. Select base cards such as those of hot prospects, rookies, or stars will be penny sleeved and/or toploaded at FountainTown’s discretion or the mutually agreed upon request of the break participant. Please allow up to 5 business days after the break concludes for product shipment. If participant is in multiple breaks with FountainTown we may combine shipping with other breaks. All shipments will be placed in teams bags within bubble mailers or boxes and shipped via USPS Ground Advantage or UPS, unless otherwise notified.
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I'm going to cancel this one out at 5pm cst today. Doesn't seem to be enough interest. I know what my boys are getting for Christmas 😆