***BUYING ALL Game Used & Autographed Cards for $1 Each No List Necessary!!!***


Bench Warmer
I'm buying game-used baseball, basketball, football and hockey cards for $1 each. I don't care who the player is, just as long as the cards are in good condition and you have at least 15 cards to sell me. I'm not interested in Press Pass, SAGE, or any other draft GU. The cards must be from MLB, NBA, NFL or NHL sets with the player depicted in his pro uniform.

I do buy autographed cards. If they're certified autos from 2001 to present and are from a pro set and NOT a draft set (no Press Pass, SAGE, Just Minors, etc.), then I am willing to pay $1 each, as long as they're in NRNT-MT condition.

There's no need to make a list of the cards /players you have for sale. Just let me know how many game-used cards and autos you have to sell.

Payment will be made VIA Paypal.

E-mail me at: [email protected]