Bucket updated lets deal

I'd like to trade off this lot for a SINGLE CARD. LMK if you are interested, and I'll have a peek at your stuff.

2008 Elite Tracy Porter AU RC SP /299 (WR Indiana-Saints 2nd Round Pick)
2007 Bowman Chrome Adrian Peterson RC
2005 Absolute TOTT Dan Marino Serial 001/150
2005 Playoff Honors Darrent Williams RC Vanguard parallel 05/50
I can't make out a lot of the dark pictures, like the 4 football autos across the top of the football autos folder. I have a little interest in the Hedeman AU, is it pack certified, IP, or what?
the autos are pack pulled and are the following and what hedeman auto.

08 UD draft rc autos of
Kellen Davis
Ryan Clady
Chris Ellis
Thomas Brown

the other 2 are
Threads Alonzo Coleman
Classic Alonzo Coleman
yes it was pack pulled about 1998 and has been in the holder every since. I have a lane Frost but that won't even be displayed. The tuff is a prototype and 1 of 12,000 ruby gems.