Break Complete! SCC Baseball Group Break Club - May 2023

Hey guys I’ll be out on the golf course during the break tomorrow but I’d be open to trading for any BCP cards from 23 Bowman. Also my 4 year old daughter likes the mini cards from A&G so if you have any of those up for trade let me know. Don’t need valuable minis because they won’t last long. Thanks all and good luck.
Thanks for thinking of me @Mechjo16 and @AndyDrummond and thanks @grapler135s for having live chat replay on, definitely makes watching the replays fun. Catching up on breaks while waiting 3 hours in Dubai Airport before 13 hour flight back to US. Anxious to get back to reality and trading after 10 days away.

Welcome back! Dubai, really…. Hope it was for pleasure, amazing!

Truly and epic month so far for break! Let them keep rolling in and get the HOF thread active!