Break Complete! Changed to 3 Box Break! 2022 Bowman Draft Baseball Lite Team Auction Style 3 Box Group Break


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Anybody interested in trying a TEAM AUCTION STYLE GROUP BREAK for 3 Boxes of 2022 BOWMAN DRAFT BASEBALL LITE?

Quarter Case Break Configuration:

-3 boxes

Box Configuration:

-10 packs per box
-16 cards per pack

2022 Bowman Draft Baseball is in a class of its own as the premier spot to find all the newly drafted and hottest prospects from throughout Baseball!

Collect the entire 200-card Base Card set chock full of headline prospects fresh off the 2022 MLB Draft!

Find 5 Exclusive Black & White RayWave Refractor Parallels per Hobby LITE Box!


Here is how this break will work. There are 30 teams and the auction price will start at $5 for each team. Members will have a chance to bid on their teams and the highest bidder will get that team and all cards from that team from the break. MINIMUM BID INCREASE IS $1. BIDDING ENDS AND TEAMS ARE SET IF/WHEN WE REACH THE TARGET PRICE OF $420.

After teams are set I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address.

This product is available and can be ordered if/when it looks like we have interest to do this 3 box break.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

Teams and Prices:
Arizona Diamondbacks $10 dad3309@
Colorado Rockies $10 LarryG
Los Angeles Dodgers $12 grapler135s
San Diego Padres $10 LarryG
San Francisco Giants $7 darkman

Chicago Cubs $6 grapler135s
Cincinnati Reds $10 LarryG
Milwaukee Brewers $8 aspoe093

Pittsburgh Pirates $15 dragonslayer913
St. Louis Cardinals $8 rl16
Atlanta Braves $10 Criollos
Miami Marlins $10 mcgwirenut

New York Mets $16 darkman
Philadelphia Phillies $6 grapler135s

Washington Nationals $30 Molitor04x
Houston Astros $10 Therion
Los Angeles Angels $9 darkman

Oakland Athletics $6 grapler135s
Seattle Mariners $10 Rburke02
Texas Rangers $8 LarryG

Chicago White Sox $10 LarryG
Cleveland Guardians $10 dad3309@
Detroit Tigers $8 LarryG
Kansas City Royals $8 darkman
Minnesota Twins $16 LarryG
Baltimore Orioles $40 Molitor04x
Boston Red Sox $20 LarryG

New York Yankees $15 Brendan1987
Tampa Bay Rays $10 Criollos
Toronto Blue Jays $6 grapler135s

Red Font = Recent Bid

Total Needed to Reach Break Price: $66
$1 increase to the jays, Royals, a's, Angels, Phillies, Cubs, Rockies