Break Complete! 2024 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box Team Auction Style Group Break

Okay tracking says this box should arrive tomorrow so let’s plan to do this break TOMORROW Thursday May 9th at 3pm PT.

See you then!
Quick heads up that the UPS truck is running a bit late today. So if the box happens to deliver in the next 20 minutes we’ll still plan to do the break today at 3pm PT as scheduled. If it doesn’t arrive by then we’ll push the break to tomorrow mid day (around 12pm noon PT). Hopefully that works for okay for everyone. Sorry for the potential last minute change to this one but I definitely appreciate everyone’s flexibility.
Okay box still isn’t here so I went ahead and rescheduled this break for TOMORROW Friday May 10th at 1pm PT.

I’ll keep everybody posted if that changes. Thanks again for your understanding and flexibility!
Jenkins is a monster! Congrats to the Twins Spot!

To those that got the Green Lunar Glows, I will be sending you PMs for trades!