Break Checklists - Bowman and Topps Museum

Gus Bus

Bench Warmer
Hey everyone. I'm new here, but want to contribute. So, I'll let you guys know I have created breakdowns of the checklists for 2013 Topps Museum Collection and 2013 Bowman Baseball. They are in excel spreadsheets, and I've found them very useful when buying into box and case breaks.

They are based on the pdf versions of the checklists on

I don't know a way to post the actual files on this site, but if you want to try them, I can email them out. Just let me know if you are interested.

If these catch on, I will have more in the future.
Very cool, Gus Bus. I changed your link above to a clickable one (hope you don't mind). At the moment members cannot upload attachments directly to our site, but this could change at some point in the future. For now, feel free to post links to any of the checklists hosted on your site, though.

Welcome to TCZ. ;)
Welcome to the site! This is a great idea, I love to get into boxbreaks and have to look through the new checklists to try to evaluate the value of each team in the new products, so I would love to see you continue this on!
Thanks Mike. I don't have a site to host them on yet, so I will have to stick with email. If you would like one just post your email address, or DM me on twitter with it. Here's a couple of screenshots to let you know what you're getting.

This first image is a pivot table break down of the player count by team for each card type. If you double click on the number it will open another sheet with the details on those players.



This is your basic total hit count by team. The total # reflects the total number of cards based on the known numbered cards. Some cards have an unknown #, and are not counted in the total.