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Hi guys, I thought I would see if we could drum up some more interest in group breaks on this fine new site! If you haven't heard of our group breaks before, we are group breaks and we specialize in Football breaks. You can find over 1400 break videos on Youtube under our user name Crpalmi and we have been running group breaks for almost 6 years now. Our cornerstone is our monthly Hobby and High End breaks and this month we have decided to introduce a 2nd of each of these two groups to try to get more folks involved. If you have interest in joining us just reply and we'll go from there. All boxes will be on Youtube with links and results posted here. Take a look at the product list and details and let me know if interested!

May Hobby 2 Football Group Break
Expected Break Date: May 25th at 9pm(ct)
Cost: $50 first team / $47 each additional
Payment: Check, Money Order, Blowout Gift Cert Due by May 19th

Product List: (Based on 25 teams filled)

2011 Topps Five Star Box
2011 Absolute Memorabilia Box
2011 Precision Box
2011 Limited Box
2010 Plates & Patches Box
2010 Limited Box
2010 Donruss Rated Rookies Case (20 Boxes)


49ers - KPit1978
Bears - Jiggidy
Bengals - Takeobeavis
Bills - Crpalmi
Broncos - Yzerisdaman
Browns - Crpalmi
Buccaneers - BajMurray
Cardinals - Yzerisdaman
Chargers - Takeobeavis
Chiefs - Rareluck
Colts - Yzerisdaman
Cowboys - Redman
Dolphins - Grg5050
Eagles - NYStateofMind1976
Falcons - Yzerisdaman
Giants - Saintsfan74
Jaguars - GRG5050
Jets - BajMurray
Lions - Jiggidy
Packers - Faulkrules
Panthers - Yankees0301
Patriots - Cardsick45
Raiders - Yankees0301
Rams - Crpalmi
Ravens - Cardsick45
Redskins - Yankees0301
Saints - Saintsfan74
Seahawks - Takeobeavis
Steelers - FrankieFBCards
Texans - GRG5050
Titans - Rareluck
Vikings - KPit1978
Hey guys. We are all set for our Hobby 2 Group break to happen tomorrow night at about 9pm(ct). With this being a new break I thought I would run it right here so if you are free to join us for a look tune in around then as we will have links and pics of highlights as we go. Thanks all!

Break is scheduled for Friday 5/25 at about 9pm(ct)
Made it over to the new site. Chris for the Donruss Rated Rookies I only want 1 set of the rookie cards for my teams. You can keep the duplicates. Thanks again Chris and good luck everyone.
Made it over to the new site. Chris for the Donruss Rated Rookies I only want 1 set of the rookie cards for my teams. You can keep the duplicates. Thanks again Chris and good luck everyone.

Got it Chad, thanks!

Anybody else with special requests just let me know. If you want all base, specific players, or no base just let me know. We won't have very much base that aren't numbered in this one anyway but just so I know going forward as I'd rather not send something you have no interest in.

See you later tonight!
No base cards for me. Just RC's/#'d/Inserts/Hits. Thanks and looking forward to the break tonight. I have a party to go to tonight so I will probably have a good buzz when the break starts. I will be watching the updates on my phone.

Thanks again Chris.
Welcome Brian, Ed and Jiggidy! May you have the best of mojo on the first break from the best host ever, here on our fine little site :)
Hey guys...hard to believe but we're actually on schedule tonight after running the Hobby 1 and High End 1 breaks. website will be updated with all the results following the High End 2 break tonight here on TCZ but first things first...the first break of the Hobby 2 group is on in about 10 minutes! Stay tuned if you can make it!
How about some more Packers for me Chris?? My Rodgers from break #1 needs a partner...

:LOL: Wouldn't it be something out of this world to hit 2 Aaron Rodgers autos in 1 night. I'd probably pass out!

By the way, Chris, good choice on beverage tonight. Miller Lite for me too!