Football Boxbreakers June Monthly High End #2 Group Break


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Hello all! We're back with another month of our High End #2 group break! If you haven't heard of our group breaks before, we are group breaks and we specialize in Football breaks. You can find over 1500 break videos on Youtube under our user name Crpalmi and we have been running group breaks for almost 6 years now. Our cornerstone is our monthly Hobby and High End breaks and recently we decided to introduce a 2nd of each of these two groups to try to get more folks involved. If you have interest in joining us just check out website or reply here in this thread and we'll go from there. All boxes will be on Youtube with links and results posted here. Take a look at the product list and details on the website and let me know if interested!
Good luck buddy! I'd love to see one of those pulled, but then I'd be jealous that it wasn't going to end up here.
Sorry folks but we are having to push this break back by 1 day as we are still drafting the unclaimed teams. All participants should have received an email to indicate this but wanted to note it here as well. The break is scheduled for Monday night at about 10:15pm(ct). I apologize about the late time but I am coaching my sons BB game and won't make it home until later in the evening. Good luck all!
Just about time to roll! We actually have 14 boxes tonight and we'll start off with our 2012 product (Bowman Signatures) followed by 2010 TTT and finally our case of 2011 Five Star. First box of our 6 boxes of 2012 Bowman Sigs in just a moment.
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