Football Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break - November - COMPLETE


3 (100%)
There was hardly anything for deals this year unless you liked 2014 or earlier stuff or retail. I'll post what I'll have in the next day or so and we'll shoot for breaking next Friday if it arrives in time.


3 (100%)
Ready to move forward with the draft of extra teams. The list has been randomized and we may begin immediately.

On the clock: Schickfaced
On-deck: Cardsick45

Draft Order:
1. Gottabe - Rams
2. Yzerisdaman - Bills
3. Sportscloset12 - Seahawks
4. Crpalmi - Falcons
5. Sportscloset12 - Redskins
6. Crpalmi - Dolphins
7. Schickfaced - Titans
8. Cardsick45 - Chargers

Available Teams;
Oakland Raiders - Cardsick45 ($12)
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