Football Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break - February - COMPLETE


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Hey guys, we continue with the Hobby break which breaks every other month at a budget of $40 for the first slot, $38 for each additional, and $12 for optional drafut slots to pick among the unclaimed teams. This would be a mix of Hobby FB boxes over the last 2 years but probably more of a focus on the current year. The product list would depend on the final number of slots sold of course but here's the type of list I was thinking although I am always open to suggestions;

Product list (subject to change)
2017 Absolute
2017 Contenders
2017 Certified Cuts
2017 Phoenix
2016 Optic
2016 Immaculate College

Payment Deadline: Feb 14th
Break Date: Feb 19th

Team List; (Bold = Paid)
Arizona Cardinals -
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens -
Buffalo Bills -

Carolina Panthers - Sportscloset12
Chicago Bears - Crpalmi
Cincinnati Bengals - Gottabe
Cleveland Browns - Crpalmi
Dallas Cowboys - Sportscloset12
Denver Broncos - Sportscloset12
Detroit Lions - Po10sho
Green Bay Packers - Schickfaced
Houston Texans - Cardsick45
Indianapolis Colts - KenGraff
Jacksonville Jaguars - Sportscloset12
Kansas City Chiefs - Cardsick45
Miami Dolphins -

Minnesota Vikings - Franklinguy52
New England Patriots - Cardsick45
New Orleans Saints- KenGraff

New York Giants - Sportscloset12
New York Jets -
Oakland Raiders -
Philadelphia Eagles - Vito

Pittsburgh Steelers - Rabs
St. Louis Rams - Rareluck
San Diego Chargers -
San Francisco 49ers - Joemontana25
Seattle Seahawks -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -

Tennessee Titans - Sportscloset12
Washington Redskins -

Draft Picks;

Bears - Kiansdad
Packers - Pavi3
Jaguars - Rareluck
Patriots - Cardsick45
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It's been a few months since this group broke so if there are any changes to team ownership please let me know as soon as you can.


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in with the 49ers.
if we could add more 2017 contenders over 2016 product, it would be great
I hear you but trying to keep the budget fairly consistent with 60%/40% towards 2017 stuff. If we sell a few extra teams and are able to add to the budget it would probably be 2017 stuff.


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I am IN and this may be last for a while as tying the knot in the Fall so gotta keep things simple.....but will keep Chris posted if/when that happens
sorry, but, can someone tell me what does this mean? I am french and I don't know this expression. does it mean wedding? or something else?