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Hey guys, it's that time of year where the Black Friday deals pop up here and there. The products for this break are undetermined as I want to be able to jump on the best deals as they show up but the focus (and most likely all the products) will continue to be from 2018 & 2019. It may include retail if the deal is right but because the base cards could be substantial, the cost which is $60/57 for this one does not include base vets so if you want those I will ask for an extra one-time total fee of $5 regardless of how many teams you have.

Product list;
2019 Unparalleled Box
2019 Phoenix Box
2019 Prizm Draft Box
2019 Legacy Box
2018 Donruss Optic Box
2018 Classic (2 Boxes)
2018 Prizm Blaster (7 Boxes)

Payment Deadline: November 24th
Break Date: December 5th
Cost: $60 first slot/$57 each additional/$25 optional draft slots (+$5 for vet base)

Team List; (Bold = Paid)
Arizona Cardinals - Rareluck
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens - Cardsick45
Buffalo Bills - Rareluck
Carolina Panthers -

Chicago Bears -
Cincinnati Bengals -
Cleveland Browns - Crpalmi
Dallas Cowboys - Sportscloset12
Denver Broncos - Bills Mafia
Detroit Lions - Po10sho
Green Bay Packers - Pavi39 (w/base)
Houston Texans -

Indianapolis Colts - KenGraff
Jacksonville Jaguars - Rareluck
Kansas City Chiefs -
Miami Dolphins -
Minnesota Vikings -

New England Patriots - Cardsick45

New Orleans Saints- KenGraff
New York Giants - Sportscloset12
New York Jets - Yzerisdaman
Oakland Raiders -
Philadelphia Eagles - Vito
Pittsburgh Steelers - Crpalmi
St. Louis Rams -
San Diego Chargers -

San Francisco 49ers - Sportscloset12
Seattle Seahawks - Sportscloset12
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Tennessee Titans -

Washington Redskins - Crpalmi

Draft Picks;
Bills Mafia
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I heard from KenGraff and he is in but still no word from Pudge or Qoolness so I will have to open up the Chiefs and Raiders. If anyone is interested let me know as we need to start the draft by tomorrow. I'll post the final product list once we move to the draft tomorrow. Ideally I'd like to break tomorrow evening if we can wrap it up by then.