Box of Allen Ginter or Single?

Box of A&G or single

  • Box of A&G

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • Single

    Votes: 5 55.6%

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Bench Warmer
I will have like 115 in Paypal by next monday. I have been wanting to get a box of the New Allen Ginter stuff because I love the design. But I could also get a nice single for it. What should I do?

Also does anybody know where I can get a box of A&G for 115 shipped, other than EBAY(Alot of shady's on there dealing with boxes) It would be helpful.
Just my .02 but I say if you are going to spend that $$$ you might as well get something you want instead of playing the lottery. I bust boxes when I'm bored. If thats what you are doing, than have fun and bust. If you want something to show for the $$$, than buy yourself something nice for the PC.
I haven't ripped a box in cards in a while and A&G looks fun. Id probably get some Vintage PSA RC of some of the bears players with the cash if not a box
Go with a single. You could easily buy a box of A&G and only get 20 bucks in resale value. You could get a sweet AG card with 100+