Basketball box breaks

I'm not real big into Basketball, but if this were to happen and be modeled after the Baseball and Football groups were it is just chosen teams I might be in with the only team I collect the Washington Bullets/Wizards.

Like the other groups the unclaimed teams could be offered at a discount to the group members after a certain date.
I'd likely be in with the Spurs. Did you want to host this, Luke, or just asking for someone to start one? I might know a guy who would be interested in hosting this if we can get enough spots sold. He used to host a basketball group a while back that I was in. He does a pretty good job, too. I'll drop him a PM and ask if he'd be interested.
Not me at this time but I would be interested in joining

Ok. I sent a PM to a guy who I'm hoping will take this one. If not, I may just do it if we have enough interest. We'd likely have to do it like Ken's baseball break, though, and make it a bi-monthly break for now so our budget would be higher.
That puts us at 5 members, so far, who have expressed some interest. Let me see if I can find us some more. We'd really need at least 10 spots filled to make this worthwhile.