Box break? Or just show hits?


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So tomorrow (assuming UPS shows up to my LCS), I'll be getting a couple boxes of Prestige. Sometimes I just break them there at the shop, sometimes I bring them home to break. I've always thought of putting box breaks that I do on YouTube but haven't done so yet so ... here's my question:

Would anyone be interested in seeing box breaks of Prestige or should I just post my hits on the board tomorrow evening?
I'd definitely like to see the video, personally. Nothing quite like wathin' a good ol' box break. Oh, and here on TCZ you can throw the video right into this thread. ;)
Yeah, do the vid.. Peoples excitement is always cool :)

And if you hit any Luck.. Think of me first if it's on the moooove! :D
Haha ... okay, I'll try to put a video together. I did do one just to see how it would go when i broke Topps Series 2 but it ended up being like an 18 minute video for one hobby box. Since I'll be doing two boxes, I'll probably super pack it and make one video per box. But yeah, I'll do those tomorrow, UPS willing.
What the other guys said. Also with a video potential trade partners can get an idea of what a particular card looks like.