Blaster box of PP Legends 2 autos & 1/1 pulled!!


Bench Warmer
Went to The Bullseye store to buy a few things and picked up a 3 pack box of Press Pass Legends. Box states 1 auto or jersey per box. I beat the odds like Vick does dogs.

Here are the goods:
Dallas Baker
Adam Carriker
Aaron Ross
Ken Stabler :cheers:
Archie Manning
Dick Butkus
Jason Hill silver 233/499
Jerome Bettis bronze 964/999
Joe Bellino Bronze 795/999
Alumni Association Y.A. Tittle/JaMarcus Russell (too bad it's not the auto)

And these!!

Chris Leak & Danny Wuerffel Autos (Go Gators, I guess)

And My first ever pulled 1/1!!
Ken Stabler Legendary Legacy Magenta Press Plate


Bench Warmer
Nice hits! I saw the same thing at my local Target and honestly thought it was a misprint, I know hobby is supposed to have a jersey/auto per pack, right? They way it was bundled, kind of assumed the same for this, though too reluctant to find out for sure, glad to see your luck, might have to try mine.