Billy Sims BBQ


TP9 | VC15
5.00 star(s)
Yesterday we had to take a road trip for work to pick up some parts for some of our lawn equipment. While we were there we stopped in to eat at Billy Sims BBQ. Now, let me start by saying that it was the absolute best BBQ I've ever eaten. That's saying a lot, too, considering I'm from Texas and have been eating it all my life.

Now, I didn't start this post to brag about how great the food was. I just wanted to throw it out there in case any of you have the opportunity to stop and eat at one. While I was there, I immediately got the urge to go out and get myself a Billy Sims auto (I'm sure I'll have one incoming soon).

My question is, how many of you have had a similar experience? Have you ever been to a place that made you want to obtain a card of a specific player?