Biggion number 3000 SPAM

Well I am going out of town, so I threw it up now. I am hoping with the 3000 hits thing I should get a decent price on it. Feel free to bid and win ;)

By the way. What do people think of my policy on money orders? Good idea, bad, stupid, what? Looking for opinions.

Good luck on the auction!!! About the money order policy, I tried doing that too. Not one person sent with DC. In fact, some retard sent cash!:doh:
Yeah, all it would do is protect the buyer. Good thought, but it would never work out that way.

Wouldn't it also protect me? I would know that the money was not paid and they could not say they mailed payment when they did not. Since they would have no DC slip: it protects me from NPBs who would claim I stole the money.