big list


Bench Warmer
In no order, but I did space so it was easier to READ :)

some Will be easy to get,I will trade in fav on some and some will be harder to get.

After cleaning all cards up I found alot of stuff.

Looking for Peyton Stuff Rcs,Autos Will make a good deal if you have a Auto I like

Eli Manning/Plaxico Buress/Brandon Jacobs triple jersey patch 2 color /50

Eli Manning Dual Jersey Donruss Gridiron Kings grey/white /250

Zach Miller 4/5 Leaf Limited Auto 3 color very nice

Rashard Mendenha;ll/Jonathan Stewart dual Auto SPA /10

JR Smith SPA Auto BCCG Gem 10 /1499

Chris Bosh Rc/Vince Carter Dual Jersey Fleer Focus /350

Dirk Nowitzki Jersey Fleer Platinum

Gerald Green Dunk Champ SP Authentic /1299 Screwdown case

Garrett Wolfe Press PAss Auto bronze

PJ Hill Playoff Contenders auto

Torry Holt Fleer Focus rc auto

Leon Washington Bird Bowman Auto

Patrick Willis Sage auto Red

patrick Willis Silver Sage auto /400

Patrick Willis Gold Auto Sage /200

Trent Edwards Sage Auto /50 Platnum

Frank Gore Saturday Swatches Jersey

Frank Gore Upper deck jersey Future Legends

Frank gore upper deck Rookie Jersey Collection

Patrick Willis/Larron Landry/Gaines Adams Triple Auto

Sinorice Moss Triple Threads 9/9 Gold Auto

Sinorice Moss Signature proof Auto Playoff /50

Lofa Tatupu SP Authentic Auto

Mike Vick/Randall Cunnigham Dual jersey Elite BTTF /299

Roddy White SPX Auto has a crease above the X

Shawne Merriman Auto /9909Bowmans Best

Syndric Steptoe Classics Auto /499

Deangelo Hall Auto SPX /1499

Deangelo Hall Jersey Rookie Foundations /1299

Braylon Edwards/Troy Williamson Dual Jersey reflections

Marc Bulger Leaf Certified skills /175 Jersey

Marc Bulger zoning commission jersey /299 jersey

Deon Branch /299 zoning commission jersey

Jon david Booty rookie progression /99gold

Mario Williams rookie progression jersey

Miguel Cabrera jersey SP fx

Jason Campbell jersey LCM red /125

Amobi Okoye Auto Leaf Limited /99

Braylon Edwards jersey /199 Prime Targets

Malcolm Kelly Jumbo Jersey LCM FF /599

Reggie nelson Florida /50 Press Pass Auto

Adam Carriker Sage Bronze auto

Paul Posluszny Co Signers auto

Kevin Curtis Zoning Commission jersey /299

Roy Hall Auto Playoff Contenders rookie ticket

Santana Moss Rookie Threads Tradition retro

Jacob Tamme Auto Xfactor SPX

Dallas Clark rc Fleer authentix /1250

Hakeem Nicks Auto Bowman Chrome

Kenny Britt Auto Bowman Chrome

Curtis painter Auto Bowman Chrome

Brandon Tate Auto Bowman Chrome

Hakeem Nicks Auto jersey Gold Refractor /10

Patrick Turner Auto Bowman Chrome

Mike Teel Auto Bowman Chrome

Skyler Green SP Authentic Auto /1175

Dominique Rodgers Cromartie LCM Blue Auto /100

Dominique Rodgers Cromartie Bowman Sterling Auto

Ben Patrick Auto /299 Leaf Limited

Early doucet 3 College Ties Jersey /50

Barry Sanders LCM FOG /99

Barry Sanders FOG LCM (NFL) /50 thought It was gone

Michael Johnson letterman College G. Tech / Topps /65

Jaison Williams Auto letterman College oregon Topps /130

JaMarcus russell Auto Playoff Contenders

Marlon Lucky Bowman Draft Auto Nebraska

Jamaal Charles Jumbo Jersey LCM FF /599

Stephen Mcgee Auto Playoff Contenders Auto

Stefan Logan Auto Playoff Contenders

Gatrell Johnson Auto Playoff Contenders

Captin Munnerlyn Auto Playoff Contenders

Tom brandstater Auto Topps Chrome

George Selvie Auto Senior Bowl Card IP

Joique Bell Auto Senior Bowl Card IP

Anthony Gonzalez Sp Authentic Patch 2 Color /725

Dustin Keller/Erik Ainge Auto Dual Bowman Sterling

Brent Celek SPA Auto /1199

Marvin Harrison Patch 1 color /99 SPX

Darren mcFadden LCM /250

Mark Duper 3 Color Leaf Limited /25

Reggie Wayne jersey Elite Thread s /150

Reggie Wayne /100 Jersey

Reggie Wayne Elite Prime Targets Jersey /199

Carson Palmer Bowman Sterling /199

Carson Palmer team colors upper deck

Carson Palmer Leaf Rookies N Stars Die Cut jersey /150

Carson Palmer LCM Bengals spell out /25

Dewayne Bowe LCM FF /1499

Tiki Barber Gridiron Cut gridiron Kings /475

Steve young/ronnie Lot leaf Limited dual jersey /100

Dustin Keller Jersey Upper Deck icons

Dustin Keller Spx /99 Gold

Larry Johnson/tony Gonzalez/Dewayne Bowe Triple jersey gold/199

Greg Olsen LCM FF ball/jersey /250

Thomas Jones/Steven Jackson/fred Taylor SPX Triple jersey

Steven Jackson Rc Alma Materials Honors playoff

Andre Johnson Rc gallery upper Deck /300

Troy Aikman LCM FOG 2 color (NFL) triple 25/25 1/1 ebay

Gale Sayers LCM FOG positoins /50

Gaines Adams Auto Topps DPP

Eli Manning 2 Color nameplate patch Absolute /50

Chad johnson Auto bowmans best rc

Chris johnson Auto Rookie Progression

Cole Hamels Auto Bowman 03 Rc

Hugh McElhenny Auto heritage /200 on card hand #d

Erin Henderson Score red zone /30

Lawrence Taylor Auto Classics UNC /25

Dirk Nowitzki Auto Fleer 2000 on card

Devin Hester Auto Topps miami

Brad Smith Auto Topps Chrome

Leon Washington Jersey Upper Deck

Leon Washington Jersey LCM FF /1400

Adarius bowman Rookie Progression /999

Chad Jhonson Auto Topps On card

Erin Henderson Auto Upper Deck Draft Holo foil

Reggie Williams SPX Auto /1499

lendale White auto SPX /1650

Terrekk thomas Auto LCM /999

Terell Thomas Auto Elite TOTC /50

Marlin Jackson Auto Reflections

Lendale White Heritage jersey

Lendale White jersey topps 8306

Lendale White jersey Rookie Rewind Bowman

Dan Conner elite Auto /299

Marcus Monk elite Auto /299

Desean Jackson Elite jersey college ties /150

Dirk Nowitski jersey reflections

Dirk Nowitski Jersey /125 Upper Deck sweet shot

Demetrius Williams Playoff Contenders auto

Charlie Villanueva Auto Bowman SOTF

Alex Smith QB Donruss threads

Derrick Harvey Score Auto inscriptions /450

Syndirc Steptoe Classics auto /499

Amobi Okoye Auto Fleer ultra /199

Will Frankiln Auto Score /750

Steven Jackson Prestige jersey /250 purple/// blue jersey

Greg Jones Auto Topps Rc /1499 best fb in the game

Joe Klopfenstein Auto/jersey Upper Deck

Jordan Palmer donruss Threads /299

Jerious Norwood Auto heritage

David Garrard/MJD/Fred taylor Triple jersey gold /199

laurence Maroney Jersey Red foil gridiron gear

Sinorice Moss LCM FF /1400

Mathias Kiwanuka Bowman Chrome Auto

Donald Brown Dual jersey SPX /249

Deangelo hall Leaf Rookies N Stars fresman orientation /500

Deangelo Hall Bowman FOF

Allen iverson Reel Time Jersey

jerome harrison Auto SPX /1299

Brandon Gibson Auto SPX /99 College jersey uni

Brandon Gibson Auto Heroes /199 College Jersey uni #147

Brandon gibson Auto /199 College jersey uni #148

Brandon Gibson Prestige Auto /399 College Uni

Benard Berrian Auto Classics rc /75 College uni

YA Tittle Auto college Uni Donruss Threads /100

Ronnie Brown jersey 2 color patch 1/50 ebay 1/1

Don Maynard Legendary sigs upper deck

Devone Bess Playoff Contenders auto

Josh Morgan Playoff Contenders Auto

Decon Jones Auto Turkey cert

Decon jones Gridiron Kings Auto Jersey /50

Greg jennings Auto Bowman Chrome 1/75 ebay 1/1

Reggie Wayne Jersey patch /50

Reggie Wayne jersey gold Rookies and Stars /250

Reggie Wayne prestige jersey green 87/100 ebay 1/1

Dallas Clark Topps Pristine Rc jersey

joeseph Addai Jersey gridiron Kings /250

Jerome Harrison Playoff Contenders Auto

Other Rcs or rare cards

Deion Sanders Score Rc

Barry Sanders Pro Set Rc

Kobe Bryant Bowmans Best Rc

Brett Favre Pro Set Rc falcons

Cortland Finnegan SPA rc /1199

Warren Moon topps rc

Steve Smith NYG prestige rc prestgious picks /50

Stephen McGee Bowman Chrome red refractor 5/5 ebay 1/1

OJ// Oshiomogho Atogwe 1/1 Bowman Chrome Cyan Printing Plate


#1 Emmitt Smith Collector
Hey there. Can you check in my bucket and see if anything for this one. If only looking for Peyton, I can save you some time as I dont have nothing of him right now. Some other stuff in there though. Just lmk. Thanks

Stephen Mcgee Auto Playoff Contenders Auto


Bench Warmer
Honestly, Im only looking for Manning stuff.

I never go to shows or anything like that so other than trading sites/ebay its the only way I can grow my collection.

Im at a point right now where Im thinking of selling all my stuff and only buying PC cards.

Last few sold 38 dlvd,14 dlvd,14 dlvd, 18 dlvd,13 dlvd

I can sell for 23-25 dlvd


Bench Warmer
interested in these

Michael Johnson letterman College G. Tech / Topps /65

Carson Palmer Leaf Rookies N Stars Die Cut jersey /150

Carson Palmer LCM Bengals spell out /25

Chad Jhonson Auto Topps On card



Bench Warmer
Well I like the Peyton Auto but the cards you picked arent anywhere close.

I know this sounds messed up but Im really only looking for Manning stuff guys/gals Rcs,Autos.. It doesnt matter if I have the Rcs or not. I have two rows of Rcs in screwdown holders full of Rcs Im now trying to fill a 4 box row. Need a little help!!!

I cant trade to trade to hopefully get PC cards. I would like to just trade for the PC cards, or else Im throwing money away.

Hope you understand


Bench Warmer
Well since not alot of people have Manning Rcs.

All this stuff is FS make offers all day because at 7-9 these are going on ebay.

Ive been working with turbo lister all night. Alot of them Im starting at 3.99-8.99 very few will be .99 cents auction listings, but there will be some.


Bench Warmer
up..TBH I don't know what all I have left with this list.I haven't looked through my:santa: boxes in a while or really know what I've sold, so whatever you like I will check on it for you.