Big Graded Hit-Win one of the cards below Contest New Second Valiant-ends today noon


5.00 star(s)
Next Box of 2021 Leaf Flash will go up for free once the Stadium Club break is done.

Breaking my second box of 2021 Leaf Valiant Baseball on Friday, November 17 at 1200 PST...depending on demands from SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED. All picks must be in before 1200 on Friday.

Simple Contest...each box contains 4 autographs plus either one 9.5 or 10 BGS graded auto or one pre-production 1/1 auto.
So, just guess the name of one of the 5 players that I pull and win a pick of one of the following:

not one the Valiant cards.

One pick per person! Multiple winners available depending on correct choices. Card will be mailed in a PWE

Hope you guys enjoy this little contest...if it goes well and no one wins; You'll get a chance in a future Leaf break.
Don't know any of the players name?

Thanks Bob
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Will post transaction after picking.
Wes Kath - Larry G
Jake Vogal - rubypup
Joe mack - bdink25
Tyler Black - Butch Buddy
Daylen Life - d lackey
Harry Ford - cornwallfamily Second Pick
Michael Harris - mm1sub
Robert Hassle - zlw1
James Wood - Jordanrulz
Byron Acuna - crazedfan
Brett Bath - kateste44
Bobby Witt Jr - r5-grnd-pndr
Riley Greene - Angli First Pick
Peyton Wilson - biggun61
Noelvi Marte - Rburkt02
Bryan Acuna - dragonfire613
Luis Matos - trooster
Zac Veen - Dave gman23
Nolan Gorman - Molitor04x
Blaze Jordan - bostonsox77
Jose Perdomo - daktion
Jasson Dominguez - peaceandove
Noelvi Marte - tiggerfan
Mick Abel - Cletus.
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