Best team to get in 2013 breaks

kenny kerr

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Which team do you think would be the best to get in a 2013 box break or just in general? Also post reasons why. thanks


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Seriously? Products with Skins RGIII Baby! (When he isn't imitating Joe Theisman <--sic I know)

I'm really surprised you didn't pick the Rams here. They might actually be a pretty good pick in group breaks with Austin and Bailey. Both guys have the potential to be pretty dynamic players this season.


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2013 is tough if you are looking for rookies, but the Jets would be a good team to go after. It mostly depends on the product, whether they are rookie heavy or veteran heavy boxes. The best bet is to go after your favorite team, as you can tell by the responses.:D

Luke Anderson

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Actually even though I hate the Steelers they got some nice rookies. But u cannot dismiss the only team with 3 1st round picks the vikings


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Based on percieved value of cards, I'd have to say the Bills with Manuel and the Jets with Geno would not be bad teams to have. Personally, I love having the Cardinals (tons of hits and Andre Ellington).

kenny kerr

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so far for me the best team in 2013 has been the bengals i got an eifert auto 20/25 in a bowman break same break i got a 17/50 eifert green boarder looks like im going for the eifert rainbow lol


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Eagles with Barkley, Jags with Denard and probably the Giants. Nassib has a good shot of being traded/getting a bigger contract somewhere else, and then his cards will be like Matt Flynns were for a while.