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Just had a "fun" chat with a guy from the eTopps board....

***********.: let me ask much in value would you give up for the Alstott rookies?
***********.: they value at least $13
***********.: have (3) Fontenot already...would like the Caldwells and Rich Hill (2)
[email protected]: tough to say...not sure the Alstotts are worth shipping - they are worth nowhere near $13
***********.: just looked up the 2 on Beckett
***********.: I think it's because of the Jersey card
***********.: (not GU)
***********.: did you see any other etopps you liked from me?
[email protected]: T Suggs 03, Tiki 03, Leftwich 05, Dillon 05
***********.: would you do the Caldwell's and 1 of the Hill etopps for the Alstott rookies?
[email protected]: No
***********.: how much value you are offering (about)?
[email protected]: Like I said, I dont think the Alstotts are worth shipping. The Keyshawn from the same set as Alstott (Jersey images) didnt get a bid at 80 cents
[email protected]:
***********.: well, you said you wanted Alstott...but if you're going to go by what 1 card sold for (not even that card) on Ebay, rather than a price guide....I doubt you'll get many cards
[email protected]: Beckett price guide is completely irrelevant and has been for many years now
***********.: then how are sports collectors suppose to have a guide of what cards are worth if people don't go by the "guide"?
[email protected]: They go by eBay
[email protected]: If I could get Beckett value for my cards I'd be a millionaire
***********.: you say that beckett is irrelevant, but people use that as a guide they can take with them and use
***********.: ebay is used by the # of people that can afford the internet
[email protected]: I'd really like to meet the people that do that.
***********.: the reason why cards are worth so little on Ebay is because everyone is looking for cards of 1 particular player or thing (like autos), so everything else is worthless
[email protected]: If you think those cards are worth $13 we are not going get a deal done
***********.: you could have a card #d/5 of Ramirez, but may only sell for $2 because everyone wants Bonds, because he's about to set a new record
***********.: well, I know cards don't go for BV in cash
[email protected]: Not true at all.
***********.: but it's also been a guide for years
***********.: I've witnessed it
***********.: I bought a Burress #d/12 insert RC for $4 because everyone wanted E.James and Manning at the time
***********.: yet, my Burress has got to be worth more than $4
[email protected]: Probably
[email protected]: But RC /12 of a decent player will always get $$ regardless of who is hot
***********.: but like MT (I think) said.."people usually do about 50% value with etopps". So, 50% would be $6.50, so I figured a $4.50 and (4) $0.35 cards were about equal:drunk::drunk::drunk:
***********.: but you're saying you don't even think the Alstott jersey card is worth $1?
[email protected]: Right. Or....that it will sell in a lot for less
***********.: ok, well I guess I'll just keep the Alstott cards then
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