bajmurray's Hall of Fame Collection


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Since Mike was gracious enough to nominate my HOF collection for a year-end award, I thought I should start posting pictures of what I have collected over the years.

For those who do not know, I collect GU and Autos of Hall of Famers from Football, Hockey & Baseball. I do not follow basketball at all, so I don't collect those.

I will start with some of my newer additions, and then I'll step back and start adding some of my older stuff.

Bout time we get to see this collection here! :D Seriously, yours is the one that I try to "copy" from. I actually have it saved in my bookmarks and frequently use it as a reminder as to how many cards that I still don't have. :LOL:
Because of the nature of his position, he doesn't have a lot of stuff out there, but here's one from a rather obscure set:

Jonathan Ogden

A Jet and a Patriot:

Curtis Martin

(the auto I pulled from a pack of Signature Rookies Football back in 1994. He and Terrell Davis were the only players who can be said to have "made it" from that set!)