August 2012 Card of The Month


TP9 | VC15
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It's probably going to be tough to beat some of last month's CoTM entries, but let's give it a shot anyways shall we? See a card in our forums that you feel like should get some extra looks? Post the link to the thread here to throw it into the ring with the month's best cards on TCZ.

I hate to say it, folks, but we have decided to change the rules back to the way they were originally, so please take note of all the rules marked with NEW.

Here's how it works.

  • All entries must have been first obtained within the month they're nominated for.
  • NEW Members can not nominate their own cards. NEW
  • There must be a scan of the card, on TCZ, that is being nominated.
  • NEW Do not post the scans within this thread. Post a link to the thread, on TCZ, where the card is shown. NEW
  • If you would like to have your card nominated, create a thread in the appropriate forum (such as Box Breaks, Show and Tell, or Mail Days), and share the card within that thread. If it deserves to be nominated, someone will notice it and post the nomination within this thread.

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Glad the original rules are back, and with all the breakage going on on here, we should have a great month yet again :)
Mike, a question or two, please.

Would a retail pack pull be considered 'purchased'? I know that sounds dumb on the surface but when I say I 'bought' a card I would be referring to one I specifically bought, at a show, Check Out My Cards, etc. Is an eBay win via auction a 'bought' card?

This is a fun way to see cards but I wouldn't want to post something that didn't qualify. Thanks! :unsure:
No, a card pulled out of a purchased pack wouldn't be considered a purchased card, because you don't know what you're buying when you buy it. eBay auctions, however, do count as a purchased card. Basically, if you are buying a specific card, or cards, and you know what you're getting it is a purchased card. Hope this helps, rather than confusing you more. :LOL:
I am prety sure that pack pulls are eligible. The only thing that was not originally eligible was a direct purchase single card, whether it be from a show or eBay, etc.
Well, I'm really hoping that a certain freebie one of our members received this month gets nominated soon.