Anyone want Bengals or guys who played for them?


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Starting to really thin out my collection, and the only Bengals I'm keeping are Dennis Weathersby, Ken Anderson, and Landon Johnson. And honestly, I'd be willing to give up my Ken Anderson duplicates.

Just let me know what you are looking for, and I will get you a list. We are talking about 2 full monster boxes of stuff.


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2 (100%)
Rudi Johnson - including all autos, most jerseys, all cards #'d to 95 or less. Also have a fewer higher end rookies I sent to COMC.

Relic + Autograph
06 Bowman Sterling Jersey/Auto
05 Absolute marks of Fame Jersey / Auto /250

01 Press Pass SE
01 Sage Hit Diecuts /250
01 Sage Hit
02 Leaf R/S great American heroes /59
02 Contenders Sophomore Contenders /350
04 Absolute Spectrum /300
06 SPA Authentics

05 SPx Winning Materials w/ Chad Johnson
01 Titanium Dual w/ James Jackson
05 Limited Common Threads Prime 2 color w/ Deuce McAlister /10
05 Prestige League Leaders w/ Fred Taylor
05 Prestige Prestigious Pros /100
06 Certified Mirror Red /150

01 Vanguard Premiere Date /115
01 Atomic /116 (gold?)
01 Invincible /199 (red?)
Lots of other #'d RCs

Low #'d
06 Hot Prospects Red Hot /50
05 Reflections Black /25
05 SPA Gold /25
05 Prestige Xtra Points Green /50
05 Prestige League Leaders (foil?) w/ Fred Taylor, Kevin Jones, D. McAlister /100
05 Elite Status /32
05 Elite Aspirations /68
04 Sweet Spot Silver /100 (not sure why I grabbed this and not others /100)
04 Reflections Red /100
04 Prestige Xtra Points black /25


I might be interested in these:

05 Reflections Black /25
05 SPA Gold /25
05 Elite Status /32

What Takeo and Irons do you have? Again, mainly looking for low #d stuff.


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So that's why I got some Jerome's and Andre's. Thanks for them all there, Mr. Akers and LMK if your phone # is still the same ! :dance: