Anyone ever trade anymore?


Bench Warmer
I am looking for the usual suspects:

Tim Rattay
Matt Mauck
Rohan Davey
Patrick Ramsey
Drew Brees
Devery Henderson
Michael Clayton
Josh Reed
Craig "Buster" Davis
Dwayne Bowe
Troy Edwards
Skylar Green
LaBrandon Toefield
John Simon
Ryan Moats
LaRon Landry
Bradie James
Corey Webster
Trev Faulk

Nicer Rookies, autos, patches that kind of stuff (anything of Rattay)
ind hand? if so let me know and I will get something you need for them, if they are in your online portfolio I will figure out something as well. did you get my pm?

They are in my port.

As far as the PM, are you talking about the vintage bulk for PSA or getting me drunk and taking advantage?
I'll get you a list tonight. I'm still slaving right now. Slaving real hard ;);););););):cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers: