Any MLB draft experts?


Bench Warmer
If there are any draft gurus here, do you happen to be familiar with Destin Hood from Mobile, AL? How high is he expected to get drafted in the MLB draft whenever it is. Word is 4-5th round. If that's true, what kind of signing bonus could he potentially get?

Also, he'll be playing in some high school all-star game, in San Antonio I believe, presented by Aflac. He was invited to this game after some other highly touted high schoolers declined an offer. How prestigious is this particular game, and what does it say about him getting the invite?
I'm not an expert, but so much will change from now until next June there is no telling where he will go.

Exactly. The draft was a couple months ago, and it is way too early to have any idea where anyone will go. However, I know he was on the AFLAC 2007 team (equivalent of McDonald's All-American's in basketball), so I would guess in the top 3 rounds. Here's what I read about him:
A power-hitting outfielder with premium athleticism, Hood is one of the more exciting players in this year’s game. He can launch long home runs to left field and has an aggressive approach.

Sounds somewhat promising, so I would guess top 3 rounds. But again, too early to say.