Any interest in my 'stuff'?


Bench Warmer
Hey Everyone,

Been a while since I've been active but I thought I'd throw a few items out and see what might be interesting to others...


Josh Beckett-Press Clippings-Fleer '02 (uni stripe clearly visible)
Todd Helton-Moonshots-Ultra '03
Randy Johnson-Don. Timelines '04 (uni. stripe clearly visible)
Magglio Ordonez-Jersey Authentix- Fleer '02 (uni. and ticket)
Alex Rodriguez-Game Worn Jersey-Topps 205 '03
Sammy Sosa-Game Face Gear-U.D. '03
Kerry Wood-Shirt Off of My Back-Leaf '03

Certified Autographs

Josh Hamilton-Topps Certified-Topps '00
Jason Hart-Finest Certified-Topps '01
Sean Henn-inScribed-Fleer '04
Aubrey Huff-SP Chriography-UD '00
Tim Hudson-FreshINK-Ultra-Fleer '00
Alfonso Soriano-Just Minors-Just '99
Miguel Tejada-SP Signature Edition-UD '99


Carl Crawford - Topps Tr. '99 (2)
Roy Halladay - Bowman '97 (2)
Ryan Howard - Bowman DP '03
Chipper Jones - Bowman, Topps '91
Jason Kendal - Topps '91 (Gold version and Marlin's Inaurg. gold stamp)
Derek Lee - '94 Bowman
Hideki Matsui - UD MVP '03
Joe Mauer - Topps, Topps 206 (2) '02
Magglio Ordonez - Pacific Revolution, Pacific Online, Skybox Thunder, Score,
Pacific Paramount (reg. silver and bronze,) Pac. Omega
(reg. silver and red,) Donruss '98
Jake Peavy - Bowman, UD Prospect Premiers (2) '01
Carlos Pena - Topps Gold Label, Topps Tr., Topps Tr. Chrome '99
Albert Pujols - Fleer Platinum 'Team Leaders' '01
Manny Ramirez - Pinnacle, UD (2), '92 (also Classic minor league '01 and '02)
Alex Rodriguez - UD Classic Alumni 'Electric Diamond' '94
Freddy Sanchez - Topps (3), Ultra '02
Miguel Tejada - Bowman's Best '97
Frank Thomas - Topps '90
Chien-Ming Wang - Bow. Heritage (2), Topps Tr. (2) '03
Brandon Webb - Don. Champions, Don. Team Heroes, Leaf, Playoff Prestige,
Topps Tr. '03

LMK if you have any interest. I'm interested in cards of younger players on the 'rise', and Yankees, primarily. I will consider any offer if it is interesting...

Hey tony1957,

I'm looking for RC's from recent years, and/or Yankees RCs... Examples? Current 'Rays, Marlins, also interested in guys like Jason Bay, McLouth(?), others that are doing well right now... Hope that gives you the idea...
Hey lilbrettinator,

So I'm interested in the Uggla, the Peavy, the Ripken and perhaps the Brooks Robinson...
LMK if we can work anything out...
Hey shephech,

Now I have been contacted by someone prior to you and responded back, so I would have to weigh you vs. that person, I might give that person first 'dibs' if he gets back to me. If he does not, I was looking at, in this order:
the Hanley Ramirez auto, the Papelbon auto's, and the Cano auto...
Hey thinkblue55,

Okay, so I am sure that you have seen my other messages... I would contact you if the others do not pan out. However, I didn't really see anything in your trade pages, the only auto that I saw of interest was the Kazmir in your PC.