Any Interest--2021 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Jumbo 10 Autos


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Hi Guys

Breaking around 1900 PST Or when Mikes available

Thought I see if there was interested in a random 10 Auto break of a Leaf Metal Draft Baseball.

2021 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball turns the chromium spotlight on top MLB prospects.

Each Hobby box has six autographs. The Jumbo boxes offer 10 signed cards, including nine autographs and a one-of-one slabbed proof autograph.

Featuring a variety of talent, 2021 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball is an all-autograph release. The base Metal Autograph line highlights key names with XRC designations and showcases several parallel tiers.

The box with tax was $183.18. (First box I bought with the tax was $195) You can find that post and video at

2021 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Jumbo -- Acuna!

Because of the slabbed proof, there are 10 spots. After all 10 spots are filled, we will got to and will hit the randomizer button 10 times to confirm spots. After which, I will break the box, and first open the 9 card case and one by one go thru the case assigning the cards to appropriate spots. And, then the 1/1 will go to the player in spot 10.

To break even, with shipping, I am asking $19.50 a spot. The first 9 cards will be mailed in a PWE with a semi-ridged card holder, with label from the transaction printed and taped securely front and back. Been mailing this way on for over 2 years, with no problem. If you prefer a padded envelope, the cost is $23.
The slabbed 1/1 will be mailed in a padded envelope.
I will let this run until Valentines day at 2000 PDT and will break the box at that time. If all 10 spots fill up before that date, we'll break earlier.

If you have any questions? Please LMK
Thanks Bob
As usual, there will be additional cards thrown in.

1 Grappler


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