Another 07 Topps DP&P BOx(no scans since there is nothing but bull)


Bench Warmer
i got a stack of base and nothing of any value
my regular rookies are
joe thomas
adam carriker
gaines adams
selvin young
dwayne jarret
marshawn lynch
brian leonard
garret wolfe
kenny irons
steve smith
troy smith and many other worthless pieces of cardboard

bronze chrome rookies
sidney rice
and ted ginn jr.

black chrome rookies
aaron ross
leon hall
steve smith
troy smith
lawrence timmons
marshawn lynch
lorenzo booker
selvin young
courtney lewis
aundrae allison
and kenneth darby

bronz chrome vets
brandon jacobs
and mike bell

black chrome vets
plaxico burres
larry fitzgerald
carson palmer
nate washington
and tom brady

also numbered chrome
kellen clemens 38/99(here ya go brett)
and joseph addai 103/250(here ya go aaron)

i also got joseph addai(again if you want it aaron), jay cutler and matt leinart(regular and chrome version) rookies that look like they're from last year. i dont know what they are

my hits:rolleyes:
tim weddle jersey(who the hell?)
and gaines adams auto

if anybody wants anything let me know and its yours
i think this box was the straw that broke the camels back and im gonna start gathering my non-sooners up for freebies via the pwe express so i can just be out of it