Andrew's Aug 25 2012 Awesome Mailday!


Bench Warmer
Really excited about this mailday... I got a LOT of cards!

First, the one I've been waiting for for a month now since I sent in the redemption (which wasn't allowed for the July COTM contest, but I hope it gets into August!) - my Mike Schmidt/Chipper Jones dual auto #07/25:

Pulled this beauty #05/15 out of "pack wars" at my LCS today:

Some random Giants from a break:

And a whole bunch of Allen & Ginter:

Guys in Hats "The Bowler"


Bench Warmer
Clockwise, from top left: Michael Phelps relic, Bob Hurley Sr. relic, Bob Knight 4-color relic, Al Unser Sr. relic

Clockwise from top left: Lowrie, Longoria, Cueto relics

Left: Marty Hogan auto
Right: Dale Webster auto

I also cracked 4 boxes of Topps Chrome at my LCS, so check out that post in the "Box Breaks" section of the forums!