Adrian Peterson cards wanted

i have 2 bowman rookies of ap..i would take 15.00 delivered.thats less than half thier price and 2.00 shipping which included bubble mailer and delivery confirmation.. but 15.00 dlvd is my lowest.
Cards added to bucket-Want to trade for your AP cards

I have added many cards to my bucket and would like to trade for your Adrian Peterson cards. Please check it out.
kcards26 said:
Sending pm.

Why have you not answered my pm's? We had a deal worked out, I held the cards for 2 weeks as you requested and I have not gotten a response. Tell me what's up.
stevesokol21 said:
what happened to buying some stuff from me? i still have all of it

pluss a couple more rc's

I wouldn't plan on hearing from this guy again. No courtesy what so ever.