a very Drewrific day


Bench Warmer
First off, since tomorrow is my last day in the scalehouse and my last day to dress like a punk, (I wear a lot of football jerseys you can't wear in the office), my Jones-Drew jersey showed up in the mail today so I'll be sporting that tomorrow. I like to keep my customers guessing on which jersey of what sport I'm going to wear from day to day.

That's the first part. Rest of it was


Donruss Elite Elite Series 4 color patch /99


Elite Series Insert, Elite Teams Triple GU /99


Quite possibly my favorite card right now, the Elite Series Patch, the Jag Patch /99 this card is absolute SICK in person

My Becks


Chris Beckford-Tseu ITG Nameplates, and he's in an Aces uniform

and Finally


Another Print Plate of Becks. I'd like to get the actual cards in hand but so far, no can find. I wont another one that should hopefully be on the way soon. That's the mail so far.

Was kinda hard to hid the box, so Kelly, sorry but you got blamed for it. Also I might as well tell you now, you are getting blamed for all the bubbles coming to the house :lollol::D
i got a great deal on the 2 patches from the same seller, i couldn' tpass them up at all. at first i thought the jag patch was fake but it's not at all. clearly my favorite patch right now. i'm still drooling, i knew it was gonna look cool in person. i might have to switch out my platinum 1/1 in my Krusin case for the patch