A long time coming & I do mean a LONG time!


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As many of you may or may not know of the 2006 Ultra "Lucky 13" series.
As for me, some of you may not know that Reggie Bush is my main PC. :p
I remember the BUZZ of this "leap" card hit the scene hard and being one of Reggie's iconic cards.

HOBBY Versions

2006 Ultra #203 Reggie Bush L13 RC/500 BGS 9.5

(POP 18 As of 7 May 2021)

(BGS 10s - POP 1)
(PSA 10s - 9)

Years ago after digging deeper into the card set I found out that there were a few different variations in the hobby series alone, not including the retail versions.

2006 Ultra Gold Medallion #203 Reggie Bush L13 BGS 9.5
(POP 30 As of 7 May 2021)

(BGS 10 - POP 1)

2006 Ultra Platinum Medallion #203 Reggie Bush L13 RC 5/25 BGS 9.5
(POP 1 As of 7 May 2021)

(PSA 10s - POP 1)

So naturally the grail of a card in general, is normally the auto'd version of it. In this series there are only 1 auto each, in hobby and in retail.

2006 Ultra Lucky 13 Autographs #203 Reggie Bush/25 BGS 9.5/10
(POP 3 As of 7 May 2021))

(At BGS for new case)

Retail Versions

Crazy enough I do not have a graded retail version of this.

2006 Ultra Target Exclusive Rookies #203 Reggie Bush L13

(BGS 9.5s - POP 37)
(PSA 9s - POP 1) Highest Grade

And LASTLY after roughly 7-8 years I have been chasing this card. I honestly never knew about this version until then, even though I had been collecting Reggie Bush for so long.
The ONLY one I've ever seen or heard of being in circulation. The crazy thing is, I got it from the same owner who hit it and graded it! ONE OWNER card!!

So without further ado....

2006 Ultra Target Exclusive Rookie Autographs #203 Reggie Bush SP BGS 9/10
(POP 1 As of 7 May 2021)

Nothing better than that natural sunlight!


Thanks for stopping by!
Very nice! Pretty sweet to find a card after that long, and from the original owner no less? That's awesome!